Multi-Function Template

MFT Boring Template

Have you been looking to build you own Multi-Function Table? A clamping table or replacement top for a Festool MFT table and don't have access to a CNC? Here is an option which will allow you to cut 20mm hole or 3/4" holes 4" on center using our simple router template and a piece of 1/4" holed Pegboard which can be purchased at most home stores. You must purchase a 20mm or a 3/4" boring bit that is Rated for your router. 20mm bits can be found from Festool and Bosch.

Assembly work tables and Portable Multi-function Work table

Woodrave MFT Template kit.
Our Template mounts to Festool OF1400 Routers and Porter Cable (PC6931) Plunge bases. Holes can be drilled by users, into the the template, for your own router base (video at bottom of page).
NOT DESIGNED for Trim Routers. 1/2" router recommended.

Our base is $34+Shipping and handling*
Included are a template base, (4) 1/4" pegs, (2) 6mm screws for Festool OF1400 base, and a sample piece of 1/4" pegboard used with the system.
*Shipping to the Continental US & Canada - All shipping is Priority USPS with tracking available.
Orders ship next business day.
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Bits often used are:
Festool 491072 Euro-Hinge Boring ROUTER Bit HW 20mm (8mm shaft)**

**Note  20mm Boring bits with a 10mm shaft are not specifically designed for routers,
 Use those at your own risk. We are not liable for how you use your machines.

Take 10lbs off your Original MFT table,
Buy Ultra light MDF from your local Sheet good supplier.
MFT Table top bored with 20mm holes
The original MFT top that comes with your Table weights about 24lbs,
With a replacement Ultra light MDF top, your new top will only weight about 14 lbs.

*Note: Accuracy of holes depends on Pegboard hole alignment and Boring procedure. If you are using this for a tracksaw system always check square of your rail and fence for square. Accuracy may not be that of a CNC cut top.

Videos and direction sheet at bottom of the page.

Template base with Cut pegboard
Template Mounted to router base. 6mm Screws included for Festool Routers.

Mounted to OF1400

Mounted to PC Plunge base with existing mount screws.

Plunging Holes into your top.

Template Setup Video

Layout video

Mounting Template to Other Routers